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So, you are thinking about getting a Horticulture Degree Online in Florida?

Then we have all the facts to help you make a good decision on where to study.

According to the California Department of Labor and Industry,

“The horticulture industry was one of the fastest-growing industries in California.”

As people become more aware of the dangers of pesticides and other chemicals, they find themselves looking for alternatives.

Horticulturists are knowledgeable about different plants, including where to plant them, how to care for them, what should be harvested from them at various times, and how to prepare foods with them.

Graduates will have a broad academic background along with the technical skills necessary to work in a variety of fields, including academics, conservation organizations, governmental agencies

What is the Horticulture Degree?

The horticulture degree is a diverse and versatile program and is perfect for students looking for a career in the agricultural and environmental sciences.

Students will learn about plants, trees, and flowers while also developing skills in soil science, plant pathology, forestry management, environmental ethics, and more.

Why Get a Horticulture Degree Online in Florida?

Many people are interested in the latest technology, but there are still some who prefer to stay in touch with nature.

With a pandemic going on, many traditional programs have opened up to distance learning, in order to get students to apply.

For those who love gardening and landscaping, a career in horticulture sounds like an appealing option.

If you want to become a horticulturist or landscape architect, then getting a degree is the first step.

The good news is that you can do this quickly and easily by completing an online horticulture degree in Florida.

Our recommended choice for the beginner is University of Florida: Environmental Horticulture Management Certificate

horticulture degree online florida
Image Source: University of Florida

The program will get you ready for a professional career, even if you don’t have the ability to attend place-bound classes in Gainesville.

During your education at FU, you will be learning about the proper conservation of resources through proper plant management.

How Does the Coursework Work For the Certificate Program?

Below you can see an image showing you the courses that are required to take in order to get your degree.

Can you learn horticulture online?
Image Source: University of Florida

Continue with a Minor in Horticultural Science

What is a certified horticulturist?

This Environmental Horticulture Minor is for students who are interested in careers related to plants, landscape, and nurseries.

It will allow you to focus on a certain area or sample courses from other areas of environmental horticulture.

You can complete this minor even if you live at an off-campus location.

The Environmental Horticulture Minor offers the courses that you can see in the image below.

horticultural degree online
Image Source: University of Florida

Major In Horticulturalal Science at UF

horticultural science at uf
Image Source: University of Florida

If you want to continue learning after getting your basic training, you can always go for a major in Horticultural Science.

This is an option if you feel that you want to advance and learn more about the study of plants and their use for food, medicinal purposes, decoration, and industrial purposes.

This degree can be obtained online through UF Online or by attending one of Florida’s public universities.

By majoring in this field of study at UF, you can choose between 3 different topics.

Organic Horticultural Systems

This specialization focuses on the cultural practices that maintain ecological and economic balance in horticultural crop production systems.

This is a flexible option with many electives available to meet education and career objectives.

Graduates will be prepared for a range of careers related to conventional, sustainable, and organic crop production.

Plant Biotechnology and Improvement

This specialization in crop science examines the molecular aspects of crops, including crop growth, development, and cultivar improvement.

It’s mainly geared towards preparing for careers in laboratory research

Science and Technology of Horticultural Crops

This specialization offers a generalized horticulture program, covering the growth and development of horticultural crops.

The flexible program can be tailored to individual interests and career objectives, ranging from applied production to basic biology.

Career options include commodity production and management, research biologist, marketing, agricultural chemical sales, fertilizer and sales.

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