How to Improve SAT Math Score – How I Went From 500 to 700

So, you want to improve SAT Math score?

Maybe you know that you need to pump it up just 100 points in order to get into your dream school.

Look no further…

In this post, we will break down what you need to focus on in order to push your score through the roof. 💪


50% of people that uses the program we recommend, improve their scores by 100 points or more in weeks.

The best thing with it?

You’ll be able to try it completely FREE

We’ll also discuss how to improve your SAT math score effectively, and why it’s so important to do so.

Put these principles to work and I’m confident you’ll be able to improve your score.

It’s key to use practice tests in order to find out and focus on mistakes rather than all the questions.

Why You Need To Improve SAT Math

-“I’m just bad at math, can’t I just focus on the reading/writing?”

Unfortunately, you’ll have to be able to score around 1100-1200 in order to have a good chance of admission.

I mean, of course, if you nail the reading/writing, you can of course aim for 400 on math..

The question is…

Will you nail all the other parts of SAT?

According to our data, if you have a score of around 980 on the SAT, your likelihood of admission drops to 1/3.

I’m totally convinced that YOU CAN DO IT!

I hated maths myself, and the first time I did the SAT, I scored 500 on the math part.

The last time I did it, I had 700.

So, it’s very, very possible to do, if you only have a strategy and a very good program that you can learn with.

My Secret to Improving 200 Points (of Course NOT Guaranteed)

Look, I know that it can seem totally impossible to go from a score of 500 to 700, but let me tell you a little secret about how I made it..

As I said above, I really hated math..

I loved reading and writing, but math…


So, how did I improve my score that much?


First of all, I convinced myself that math CAN BE FUN!

Usually, when you focus on a matter and start trying to understand it, it usually becomes a lot more fun.

However, before you close down this window thinking that I will go all-in crazy “happy thoughts” guru, I can assure you that this was only a start.

99% of what took me from 500 to 700, is the best training course I have ever taken.

You can find it here!

It’s totally free to try, and you can learn all the secret strategies that people who scores well know..

If you feel that all the “math cards” were stacked against you from the beginning, you owe it to yourself to at least create a free account and see how amazing the course is.

The Perfect Formula for Success on SAT Math

One key to success with the SAT is to practice, practice, practice..

It might sound dull and boring, but you need to have your final goal in mind!

If you want to become a doctor, lawyer, or anything else with high acceptance rates, you gotta put in the hours..

Do some practice questions every day for about an hour, and you will see your score go up – Guaranteed!

Another important thing for success is to work on your basic math skills.

This includes everything from geometry to algebra to probability, so it’s important that you do some studying in all of these areas.

You might think that you remember it all but…

In math, ONE little mistake will lose you the full point.

Always remember…

You don’t need to be a genius, just put in the hard work and the results will follow.

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